Whether your firm is merging, introducing a new service or business unit, facing pressure to cut fees or losing too many RFPs, our branding process will help you stand out in the marketplace. Branding needs a refresh with real data from your customers, competition and the industries you serve (or emerging industries you haven’t explored). Ingenuity understands buyer behavior. We’ll help you identify the right key audiences and communicate the value you deliver.

For more than 10 years, Ingenuity has fine-tuned market intelligence to get leaders on the same page about the unique value of their services. As new leaders emerge and your potential customers become increasingly tech-savvy, Ingenuity stays ahead of trends in buyer behavior and communication. We help you deal with change and maximize opportunity.

Firm-Wide Brand Loyalty

Convincing messages and beautiful visuals differentiate your firm and strengthen brand loyalty. In addition, we are the only firm that teaches your team to be on the same page and fluent with your new brand messages for marketing, recruiting and sales. That way, your team will actually share that differentiation consistently in sales, marketing and recruitment.


Branding process graphic